Potential Violent Crackdown on Monks this evening - Sept 23 8:51 pm

Dear All,

Just about an hour ago, there was this situation in Rangoon which had alerted many people as
there were signs of potential violent crack down by the authorities at University Avunue -- where
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's house is located.

Around 5:00 - 5:30 pm (Burmese time), it was reported that --

1) University Avenue was blocked by barbwires and 2 trucks from Fire Brigade and
riot policemen wearing red scarves.
2) About 400-500 monks were surrounded in there
3) As they heard of this news, people started gathering again and walked towards
University Avenue where the monks had been allegedly blocked by security guards.

However, as of this posting, it's been reported that the riot police and fire brigade men have
already left from the area. BIG RELIFE!!!!!!!

BUT --- Tomorrow will be a BIG DAY as the monks have called on the people from all walks of
lives to join them the protest movement for the "National Reconciliation" -- their demand on the

Dear friends, Please continue to be vigilant and be prepared to take solidarity actions that we
will post for you very soon. This time the people of Burma really need your solidarity, since
anything can happen as they continue to carry on with the protests.

FYI on Today Demonstrations --- About 9,000 monks and more than one hundred nuns - total
of more than 10,000 were joined by about 10,000 people in Sule Pagoda area in Rangoon.
The largest demonstration that people have witnessed since the protests began last month.
Please see the photos attached.

Army trucks have been stationed in Sule Pagoda station.

In Solidarity,


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